Friday, September 09, 2005

The Super Skybolt and the Utter Chaos

The Bisson muffler for my Great Planes Super Skybolt came in Wednesday. I have to install the aileron servos and the throttle servo and she’ll be ready to fly! The aileron servos mount to small hatches that screw onto the bottom wing. My Skybolt has been sitting in the garage for about eight years and I have no idea where the old hatches went so I made some new ones today. I got one of them together and ran out of gas. I’ll try to get the other one together tonight or in the morning and get the servos mounted.

After work, the other morning, I framed up one side of the wing on my Bridi Utter Chaos. It took me about 15 minutes! Isn’t CA glue just the greatest! For those of you that don’t remember, we used to have to pin our parts down over the plans, glue them and then wait overnight for the glue to dry. The older type glues also added extra weight! When I was younger and the CA glue had just come out, I would sit down and build until I had an airplane built. Sometimes I’d go without sleep for 48 to 72 hours. I still prefer to build airplanes from kits. I think it makes you appreciate your plane more and you know EXACTLY how that plane is built!

If you’ve never flown any of Bridi’s airplanes you really should try one. The first one I built was a Bridi Super Kaos, probably around 1978. I built my second Super Kaos about three years ago and still have it although engine problems and stalling caused some damage the other day. A little epoxy and fiberglass clothe and she’ll be good as new. I just need to get an engine that will run right.

I’f I feel a little more inspired tomorrow, I’ll have my Super Skybolt ready to test fly the next day. We’ll see what happens!

Jay Mc

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