Saturday, November 05, 2005

RealFlight G3 Simulator

I have decided to make my edited aircraft and aircraft repaints available again for the RealFlight G3 simulator.

There are 4 edited helicopters, 3 edited electric airplanes and 21 edited gas airplanes for a total of 28 edited aircraft. These aircraft fly much better than the stock planes and helicopters included with G3.

There are 20 paint schemes for helicopters and 10 paint schemes for aircraft. Some of these repaints and edited aircraft will require that you have the add-on disks for G3.

All paint schemes will work for RealFlight G3 and G2. The edited aircraft will only work with G3.

Click Here to go to my RealFlight G3 Download Page


Bob said...


I am wondering what it would take to get some of your G3 aircraft? I am going to Yuma Arizona in a few days to start a UAV training program. I will need to buy a laptop, and I want to install G3 on it to pass the time.
Thanks for any consideration.
Bob Austino
Vineland, New Jersey

Quickie Flyer said...

Hey Jay,
I loaded all your files and can't get them to run. I can get the color schemes to run but not the airplanes. Could you help

Eldoren said...

Hi Jay

Nice Blog and really like your website.

I have flown RC planes for years and built heli's ( Hirobo DDF Jetranger in 1982). I started getting back into it about 2 years ago and recently bought the RealFlight G3.

I absolutely love G3! With a 19" flatscreen and fast ATI X800 Pro video card, the simulation just screams.

I have to say I enjoy coming to a website like yours and reading the text and reviewing the images. Its what they call "sticky". I design websites and e-commerce sites for a living and maintain clients around the globe. And so when I see a site like yours, I really admire the work you put into it.

Keep up the good work and I will follow along with your blog. One topic I would like to see for beginner G3 how to develop custom paint schemes and advice on editing aircraft.

Lastly, I couldn't agree more with your advice on the elevator on the A10...I struggled with that and now know why.


Gordon Currie

Anonymous said...

Utah model port photofield



I used your Utahmodelport pano to make a photofield of that flying field. I would like to post it on the RF swap page if you are ok with that. Of course I would give you credit for the photography.

If you would rather I don't share it then I won't, but if you could please let me know either way, thanks and your pictures are great.
You can PM me at the KE site. my Id id Brianjt