Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Day 2006 Fun Fly

One of our local RC pilots, Jerry Kitchins told me a few days
ago that it is a tradition to have a fun fly here in Salt Lake City every New
Year's Day, no matter what the weather turned out to be like. Fortunately, the
weather couldn't have been better this year; 45 degrees, the sun shining and
as clear a sky as I have ever seen. The fresh snow on the mountains from the
night before sure made for some incredible scenery! I hope that this kind of
weather will prevail this winter so we can have many more flying days but that
sure makes it hard to get those winter building projects done.

Here are photos from New Year's Day at the Utah Modelport:

Greg Corliss flying his Raptor helicopter.

Dave Fox with his 5.2 ounce foamy!

Sorry I didn't get this pilot's name but his
Katana was an awesome performer! He had lots of help too!

Don Steigler's 3D Bipe. These things are great
3D performers!

Father and son team, Mike and Gary Wekluk flew
this beautiful P-51.

Pilots line up for their turn to fly.

Dick Hansen with his electric fun flyer.

Eddie Acoba is always tearing up the sky with
some great 3D flying. He put on quite a show with this plane!

Jeff Blaylock, one of Team Futaba's members,
was on hand with his Carden Extra. You don't want to miss seeing
Jeff fly!

Jerry Westergard with his Goldberg Tiger. A
great looking and flying plane

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